I’m new to wordpress

Blogging…. Where should I start! I never been a fan of writing, but somehow I find myself writing little notes to God, myself, or people (I don’t hand them the notes). I didn’t like writing for many different reasons. I found that it takes to long to explain something that’s on my heart, poor grammar, and writers block. I’m a detailed person so when I write, I feel like I have to write down every detail to paint a better picture for my reader, but the thought of explaining something exhausted me to the T so I either give up before I try or I give up half way. I made it my business to pick up a new hobby since I don’t have not one except hanging with friends (not a real hobby fyi) hobby. So here it goes… My name is Arabia Whitfield. I am 27 years old, the baby girl and the fourth child out of five. I am from Monroe, Louisiana, but reside in Houston, Texas (I love it!). I am the mother of a very handsome, intelligent, extroverted little boy. I am single and a god fearing WOMAN.  Let’s see, I am a New Orleans Saints fan (I love them, they are like family), I am currently studying Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology, (I graduate next year; May 2014) and I am learning to build a kingdom with the many bricks that are thrown at me. Five things that is interesting about me:

I love the scent of deodorant (I have a collection of different fragrances lol)

I love crawfish, pecan pie, and cheesecake

I love watching planes fly and looking at the stars

I’m a mama’s girl

I stalked Pleasure P before lmbo



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