Be A Light To those Who Are Watching


The best thing I can do as a mother is give my son an opportunity to achieve and succeed in life by showing him with my actions. Just because I’m a single parent does not give me the right to cheat my son out of being all I can be for him as God allows me to be to him. Being a single mom is hard, tiring at times, and double the work of a healthy 2 parent home, but God’s grace is sufficient. He sees me through single parenting and He will see you through it as well. Trust me, God knows your deepest cries and longings for a mate. He knows your desire for a father for your child but lean onto these two promises, “the Lord will teach your children” and “He is your husband”.

You might be saying, “well, I want a physical man.” Well, maybe when you learn to submit to God as your husband then He will allow one of His sons to enter your life and be a husband and father. See, who we marry is not just about us and our likings but everything to do with God’s will for you and your child’s life. So I’m praying that you’ll trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In everything you do for you and your child, you will acknowledge God and He will direct yall paths. Be blessed sis! (Proverbs 3:5,6)


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