Good Enough?!

Sometimes if not most, we go in for the kill and deliver a low blow to our soul by thinking bad of ourselves. We dance with the enemy of comparison as it reminds us of every flaw we can think of about ourselves. We sway left to right and twirl around with its’ cousin fear who tells us we aren’t good enough. “Only if God would have created me this way, then someone will want me”. “Only if I had this degree, then maybe I could work at the (insert the company you’ve been eyeing) company”. “If I had this amount of money, car(s), career, house, then maybe I can be a better man or a better dad”. “Only if I spend more time with my kids and do more fun activities, clean more around the house and fix every problem my kids face, then maybe I will be a good parent”. Can you find yourself in one of these scenarios listed above or at least relate to one of them? To sum up the issue, the problem most of struggle with is the fear of not being good enough. We feel inadequate to make decisions on our own. Probably too prideful to ask anyone for help so we put up a front and act like everything is alright. Too independent to come to God as a child so we stay distant. When will this mental nonsense STOP?! This battle that we fight daily in our minds is filled up with thoughts of feeling like no one else understands us or we are the only one going through this. We have to cast down arguments and EVERY high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. Bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ (2 cor. 10:4-5). What people think of you is none of your business! Let them think whatever they want to think, good and bad, you continue to focus on Christ. See the real problem is that we are to focus on ourselves and not focus on Christ. Not even a little bit! Everything listed above was from an “I” perspective. What you can and can’t do but not on what Christ did and can do.

We fill our quiet time with the garbage we watch on TV and the Internet. Our quiet time is filled with what everyone is doing on Facebook and Instagram. Social networks have become void fillers and the little effort you did have on seeking the Holy Spirit as the Helper was booted out by your new idol. Ouch, ouch, ouch, yes, I’m talking to myself as well. See whatever you fill your mind with will produce fruit, good or bad. Let’s evaluate what I said but in a scenario. Have you ever logged onto Facebook out of your frustrations with life or because you were “bored”? You’re strolling through, clicking on profiles, reading everyone else’s updated status. After you got your dosage of FB, you feel full and you get off. You go on about your day and thinking nothing of your time on FB except you spend too much time on there.  Maybe later on that day or the next day, the cute guy you have been hoping would notice you just hooked up with Lisa. You’re a little disappointed but ok for the most part. You wonder when it’s your time to date to marry. Rob got a promotion after only being there for 6 months and you’re still at the same position after 6 years of being there. You’re trying to remember the sermon from Sunday about putting people first so now, positive thinking is comforting you at the moment. All of Sarah’s 5 kids including the 3 year can quote the book of Matthew verbatim and you can’t even get your 5-year-old to sing the ABC song correctly without messing up the order of the letters. By day 5, you’re exhausted, frustrated, and ready to curse out the next happy person you see and you threaten God you’re going to quit on Him if He doesn’t make your life better. Do you see the root cause of the issue? You’re discontent!

Let’s go back to day 1 in details. You logged onto FB and saw one of your HS classmates getting married, at the time, you didn’t feel envious of a new relationship, but your mind captured that image. Sarah updated her status about her kids’ good progress, so you thought to yourself, “She’s a good mom, wish I can get my kids to do such and such”. You move on without thinking much of the thought, but your mind captured that image. You turn on your favorite reality TV drama show and you watch so and so popping off at the mouth, cursing out whoever she pleases, fighting, and doing what she want cause “nobody gonna stop her”. You start to reminisce about the good old days when you were “hard” and clubbing and doing what you wanted to do. You laugh and say, that was the old me and turns on Jesus Culture and goes on about your day but your mind captured that image. Fast forward back to Day 5 and you find yourself discontent at Jesus’ feet heartbroken because your life “sucks”.  Do you see where the problem began, instead of taking your boredom or issues to God, you took yourself to FB and TV to fill those voids. Can’t you see that you are empty of God’s presence? Don’t get me wrong FB is not bad, but we should be good stewards of our time on there. If you’re struggling with discontentment, maybe it’s not a good idea to log into your social networks but log into the word of God who is the True Void Filler. In Numbers 11:4-6, the children of Israel complained to Moses about what they had back in Egypt, a place that was not good for them. This made God furious so He destroyed some of the people with fire (Num. 11:1). We need to watch our complaining and stop disrespecting God as if He is this weak god because He is not! The problem is not God or where He brought you from; it’s about your dedication to the things of God. How serious are you with following Christ? Notice you still feel empty after you filled that void of loneliness with everything except the word of God. Filling your issues with God produces Substance that sticks; everything else is just temporary that produces a temporary change. Sunday sermon will not sustain you by Wednesday. If you do not get into the word daily and feed off of that, your flesh will start feeding on what the world has to offer you and you will still fill not good enough. You can’t help build the Kingdom of God having a worldly mindset. It’s two different kingdoms with two different agendas that are trying to accomplish two different goals. God do not agree with the world and the world does not agree with God so pick which kingdom you belong to? Which kingdom are you helping build? (James 4:4)

It’s true, you’re not good enough on your own because you are imperfect, but Christ is. His grace is so sufficient that you can lean unto Him. Don’t just guard your heart against relationships but with everything you do especially YOURSELF. I learned in Philippians 4:7 that God’s peace is different from the world’s peace. True peace is not found in positive thinking or good genes, or self-help books, but solely in knowing God is in control. God’s peace will guard your heart against anxiety when you know He is in control. Whatever your frustrations are with life, take them to God. He said, “come to Me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” Matthew 11:28-29. We are all in this fight of faith together and God provide resources to help us. Stop letting your problems beat up on you and fight back with the word of God. I get so sick and tired of the enemy bullying me and the people that I care for that I started fighting back more aggressive with the word of God. Remember, you fight from victory not towards it! God is with you and He loves you dearly. People may not see your qualifications or leadership skills, but it is okay, they didn’t call you, God did. FYI, you are good enough because Christ is enough and if you have Christ, you have all you need. I love you, but God love you more! Be blessed
Here are some practical ideas and scriptures to help you get started:
1) Pray and repent for wrong thinking.
2) Ask God to highlight areas in your heart that’s not like Him. Pay attention to what He shows you and do not be in denial about what pops up in your mind that do not reflect Christ. He’s highlighting it for you to bring it back to Him.
3) Go to the concordance of your bible or online and look up scriptures for whatever the Holy Spirit shows you about yourself. It shouldn’t be a spirit of condemnation but a Spirit of Love that makes you want to change.
4) When you start to feel the temptation to (FILL IN THE BLANK), pull out your scriptures and meditate on it.
5) DO NOT ENTERTAIN THE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, whip out them scriptures again and again and again and again until that bad thought is submitted to God.
6) God’s peace will guard your heart.-Philippians 4:7
7) How to give God first place in your life. -Matthew 6:33
8) Know that God restores your soul. Psalm 23

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